Encounter with a Spider Wasp

Coming back home one day, we noticed a large strange looking orange insect on our front door step.  Miss 8 was fascinated but scared and Miss 10 didn’t care.  My first thought was to grab my camera and decide which lens to use.  Not knowing exactly what it was, I stayed my distance. 

I’ve since figured out that it’s a spider wasp, and they’re probably quite harmless so I could’ve gone a bit closer for better close ups.

Here’s Mr Wasp scoping me out.  Its snack, Mr Spider, already comatose in the background.

After Mr Wasp was satisfied that I wasn’t going to steal his lunch, he thought he’d give Mr Spider some tail action.

Mr Spider, now definitely drugged out and not being much fun, just lay around.   Mr Wasp took advantage of the situation and started preparing? eating? sucking?  Who knows.


I left the two of them to chill out together, and when I checked them after a few hours, they had left.  Or maybe, more correctly, Mr Wasp took Mr Spider to home for tea.

2 thoughts on “Encounter with a Spider Wasp”

  1. I watched one of these wasps drag a rather large Huntsman over my back fence a few months ago. I am not a spider person (wish I had my camera at the time) it was so interesting and creepy to watch. Great capture!

    1. @Ethony Thanks! I’ll look out for more over summer… meanwhile I’ve got a couple of dragonflies flirting around the pool that I need to take a photo of soon…

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