Making money from photography

I’ve decided that this year my photography hobby has to start making me some money.  But how?

Friends and family think I take pretty good shots.  But are they good enough to sell?  I guess another question really is will someone else want to buy my photos?  

One thing I’ve read up about lately is the micro stock photography scene, where you submit your photos to a photo site (along with thousands and millions of other photos) and can be bought for near to nothing.  I’m just worried that I won’t make much money and be “short changed” – like this  Time goes into preparing an image and I’m not convinced that the returns will match the effort required.  Also, much stock photography seems to be generic more product or commercial oriented photos that doesn’t match my current style.  I’d have to get my studio gear back out from under the bed.   But then you do hear success stories too…

On another front, I could sell photos through RedBubble – which is more like an artist’s page.  I suppose I could be more free with my own artistic style here, but there is less audience/customer base so less potential to sell.

Or I could set up my own web site, which would take time obviously, and probably have even a smaller customer base.

Maybe I’ll just do nothing 😦


5 thoughts on “Making money from photography”

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  2. Not that I am expert by any means, but I think regardless of where you put your photos (Web, Flickr, RedBubble etc), you won’t make any money (or at least very little) unless you can market your work / services.

    Work out how to market you’re work effectively, and your a long way towards making money.

  3. Lol sounds like that if you are not doing anything with your images at the moment, you should put them on microstock sites. Maybe, keep your best shots for something else in the future. However, the standards are pretty high in microstock these days and it might only be your best shots that they want, not forgetting that have to be technically of a high quality too. Anyway, let us know what you decide.

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