First big ride and group ride!

Well.. not that big..  last weekend I decided I’d had enough of 10-12 km rides to and from work, and wanted to go further.

So, on Saturday, I hopped on my mountain bike and cycled 26kms – to City Beach and back home.  I was very proud with myself – I could actually cycle to the coast!  I did the advertised City to Sea ride which looked quite easy on the map, but that Underwood Ave and then Oceanic Drive hills were killers!  I like how the guide says “… Oceanic Drive.  This is a slight incline where you will pass the Bold Park Administration buildings…”   Slight incline?  HA!

I did get a little lost around the Subiaco area.  I think after Centro Ave I went down Harborne Street instead of taking the first left onto Upham Street.   I’ll learn next time.

But I had the cycling bug, so I went out on Sunday again – but with 2 others to Claremont along the foreshore and back along the trainline – 28kms total.  It was a fairly flat ride compared to Saturdays.    But the thing I most liked was riding with others – it’s much more fun and safe and it ends with a coffee!  I was led through different routes I hadn’t used before, and I felt “safer” knowing there were others there with me.    OK, my average speed is still around 20km/h (sorry guys for holding you back), but I’m still just starting – and I have a heavy mountain bike frame with smallish wheels!  Yeah..    it’s ALL about the bike Lance 🙂

Sunday's ride

I’ve recently spotted signs advertising the HBF Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma.  The intermediate course is 30kms and there is a start category for people < 20km/h.  That’s my next goal – I’m assuming the freeway is pretty flat, but I just have to work on my distance so I don’t die at the end!  Luckily, the website seems to have a suggested cycling training program that I’ll give a go.

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