More Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

Well I’ve had a few sort of good weeks hacking away at the Tchaik (if you call little 30-45 minute sessions every other day a good practice!)

I’ve decided to start note bashing backwards – from the end first.   So far I’ve learnt 6 pages worth of notes – that’s about 5-6 minutes worth.   Not much for a 15-20 minute first movement depending on the speed it’s played.    I love learning things backwards..  it means that when you play through, you can keep on building on it, and you always finish the piece with a bang and that’s satisfying 🙂

Compared to the Sibelius, what I’ve noticed most is that there are just so many notes!!!  I can’t believe I haven’t even got back to the candenza yet.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to learn all the notes in time, and if so, be able to memorise all of them.   And then being able to play them at a decent speed from beginning to end without stopping!

Anyway, I’ll keep on pushing ahead… backward really.   

I hope to get a formal lesson on it as soon as I’ve note bashed the whole thing.

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