C Jam Blues

An iconic jazz chart…   also, an all time favourite of Lindyhop dancers around the world, epitomised by the version on the Live in Swing City CD (http://www.amazon.com/Live-Swing-City-Swingin-Duke/dp/B00000ICNS).

And so, this tune was how little Miss 9 (was little Miss 8) started learning to improvise on her saxophone.

At her last lesson, she was trading 4’s with her teacher and it was so.. cute!  Yes, I had another proud parent moment.  Her improvs were extremely basic and at times awkward, but, hey, it was one of her first times and she’s 9!

Coming from a classical background, I’m not really sure how one starts learning or improving their improvisation skills, but I have a feeling the more you do it, the more you find out what sounds good and what doesn’t, and your fingering becomes more natural, heading towards the point where you don’t even need to think about the fingering but just the notes, or maybe beyond the notes and just how you want it to sound and where you want it to go.

So Miss 9 has been “practising” at home.   I think I’ll have to get my violin and trade some 4’s or 8’s with her at home!

This morning I put on the CD, played C Jam Blues for her and she goes “I can play this!” and grabs the CD cover to look at the artwork and track listing.

Ahhh…  a jazz muso in the making 🙂


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