Addicted to Angry Birds on the iPhone

Wow!  This iPhone game is currently number 1 on the App Store Paid list with nearly 1423 reviewers giving it an average of 5 stars.   And it costs only $1.19!

This game must be good right?

And yes it is!  This game kept little Miss 10 and me thoroughly occupied whenever we were stuck waiting on our holiday.  


I love how simple the concept is.   You get a set of birds, and you have to catapult them to destroy the “pigs” whilst getting as many points as possible (by destroying the environment or higher valued items).   It seems a bit too easy at first, but that’s just to draw you in 🙂

I love how hard it gets.  On some levels you have to be very accurate.  And not just once, but for multiple birds in a row!

I love how strategic it gets.  No, sometimes just knocking random objects over to kill the pigs will not work.  Sometimes you have to work out the best sequence, or the weakest point of the structure.   It’s the simplicity of what you have to do combined with the puzzle/strategy element that draws me back to it, replaying levels over and over again.

I love how many levels there are and the level design.  I thought after finishing the first 3 sets of levels that it was enough.  But then there’s episode 2 with two more sets of levels!  You’re definitely getting value for money here.  And the levels are so cleverly done – sometimes you start a new level and just go “Whoa! How am I ever going to complete this one?”

I love how the game opens up new options.  Well, new types of birds everytime you go to the next set of levels.  More options. 

And I haven’t even got 3 stars on every level yet – far from it.  

My hat goes off to the developers, thanks for a great game!  You MUST get this game 🙂


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