Contributing to Trip Advisor

If you’re planning on travelling and you love to plan your own holiday, two internet sites that you HAVE to visit are Trip Advisor and Virtual Tourist.

These two great sites have a wealth of information and reviews on hotels, things to do, tips and traps.  And the best bit is that it’s all user created content – that is, reviews and articles from people who have travelled to those locations!

It’s no secret that I use these sites for planning our holidays, including our most recent one to Japan. 

However, I’ve been quite slack in “giving back” to the community, so this past month, I’ve decided to get off my lazy “behind” and write a few reviews.  And they’ve now been approved!

The Prince Park Tower in Tokyo –

Oyado Koto no Yume in Takayama –

Hotel Granvia in Kyoto –

Pretty boring – I rated them all 5 out of 5 as they were all really great places (that we chose because of other reviews on Trip Advisor!).

The process to enter a review is quite simple.  You can also upload photos that you’ve taken.  I’d recommend uploading photos WITHOUT family members/people in them if possible 🙂  After you’ve submitted your review, it can take a while (few days -> couple of weeks) to get approved by someone else, and then it’s on the site for all to refer to.   I don’t think you can edit or remove your review once it’s on there, so make sure it’s all correct before you submit!

Hopefully other travellers around the world can use the information I posted to help them choose their final hotel!  I think I might backtrack and add more reviews…


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