Unsubscribed from mailing lists

Is your email inbox just cluttered with crap? 

I was getting over 20 emails a day – from mailing lists that I had joined up to years ago but now never read.  No, these aren’t “junk” ones that are usually mass mailed to everyone under the sun – these were from companies that I had signed up for emails to years ago!   Nowadays I spend most of my time just looking for a sender that is a real person.  I just don’t care now about the cheapest CDs or DVDs from some online store I happened to buy something at 5 years ago, or the latest anti-virus from some company I downloaded a trial version from 7 years ago!

So yesterday I did something that made me feel as good and as clean as vacuuming the house.

I went through these emails and hit the unsubscribe link on them.  All of them.




Then cleaned out the rest of my inbox.

It felt good.

And today – not a single subscription email yet 🙂


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