My daily routine

I find it interesting to read what other people’s daily routines are like.  As can be expected, my routine evolves through my life.  I should’ve penned down what my routine was like at uni.  All I can remember was it involved waking up at midday, and sleeping around 3am at night.

Amongst my group of friends, I think my wifey and I seem to currently have a slightly skewed day. 

Here’s what a summary of a typical day looks like for me in June 2010!

7:45AM – Wake up, clean up, get kids up
8:15AM – Breakfast
8:35AM – Leave to send kids to school
8:50AM – Kids at school (late!)
9:10AM – Reach work
11:00AM – Mid morning snack (piece of fruit, coffee)
12:15PM – Lunch
4:00PM – Sometimes an afternoon snack
6:00PM – Home
7:00PM – Dinner
7:30PM – Hang out with kids (game, TV)
8:40PM – Get kids to wash up and go to bed, clean up dinner, make lunches for the next day
9:30PM – Catch up with wifey
10:00PM – Late night snack (apple pie, fruit tart, etc) usually with TV
11:30-12:00 – Read in bed
12:00AM – Sleep

Next day, repeat all over again…

Now you can see why I voted yes to daylight saving 🙂

Do I go to bed too late?   I wonder if I should be waking up at 6AM instead, but this would obviously mean having to go to bed earlier, like at 10PM.


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