Loving the Hipstamatic App

I LOVE this camera app on my iPhone. 

The Hipstamatic 100 is a cheap plastic camera from the 1980’s designed to bring photography cheaply to the masses.   However, due to tragedy of the creators, only 157 were ever produced.   There’s some history here:  http://hipstamatic.com/2007/06/hipstamatic-history.html

But some clever application developers have now recreated the essence of this camera digitally on an iPhone. 

And what a great camera application!  People are loving how “analog” the photos feel.  This camera app also allows you to upgrade and change lenses, films and flash.  When the upgrades are priced cheaper than a can of Coke, it’s hard not to resist.

I like how they’ve even modelled the limited viewfinder and the view of the back of the camera when trying to take a photo.  It just adds to the realism of the experience, rather than seeing a normal full screen view like other applications.

The developers have emulated the camera even to the delay between each shot.  It’s a bit annoying at first since it limits how fast you can take consecutive photos (I wonder if it’s just a Sleep(5000) or whether the iPhone CPU is crunching away trying to process the photo).   But I’m beginning to love this – it forces me to think carefully before taking a shot.   Luckily they don’t limit you to taking a roll of 24 before developing your photos!!

I think the developers have stumbled on something great here.  I hope they are thinking of recreating other old cameras on the iPhone. 

Maybe the real reason I love this app is because it makes my mediocre snaps look great!

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