I’m a Soccer Dad!

I’m officially a soccer Dad!

Over the last year, Little Miss 11 has started to lose interest in her jazz and tap dancing classes.   And then finally earlier this year, we talked to her and she decided to stop jazz and tap classes altogether.  

Yes, I was disappointed – Miss 11 is a good dancer and I’d love her to continue to keep her skills up in case she wants to do contemporary or other more advanced dance forms in the future.   But hey, she’s been dancing jazz and tap for over 6-7 years now!  It’s a LONNNGGG time.   And I do hear stories of people picking up dance in their teens and still excelling.

So I said to her, “I’d still like you to do something physical as an after school activity – how about basketball, soccer or martial arts?”.    I was hoping she’d pick a team sport, as I believe it is good experience and teaches kids how to win and lose and work with others.

“Maybe Soccer?!” she timidly replied.   Unfortunately it was nearly half way through this year’s season, but a few emails around and I found a club that had spots open to take her in 13 and under all girls team.

And so last weekend, Miss 11 had her first soccer game!  

The girls gather around for the pre match talk

As soon as I saw the other team arrive and warm up I was concerned.  The other girls all looked on the older end of the age group, bigger and stronger than Miss 11, and more professional.

After some warm up kicks, they got on the field and it was suddenly on!   It was good to see her run around and kick the ball a few times.   I was surprised to even find myself occasionally shouting “Come on!”, “Move the ball up!”, “Run faster!”, “Get the ball!” from the sidelines.    I wonder if I looked like some un-initiated overly-keen parent.  Hmm…

Unfortunately the team they were playing against were very good, and so our team lost 12-0.  Not a good start, but she had fun!


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