100,000 page views!

Yay!  A little big milestone for my blog. 

I know I’ve stopped updating it on a daily basis lately, and I reckon Google’s change in search strategy has resulted in less search referrals, but it’s something I enjoy updating – even for my own personal benefit!

To everyone who has visited – thank you – that I could share some of my thoughts with you, wherever you are on this planet, is truly amazing.   For my regular visitors, even bigger thanks and I hope that my little life stories help you escape from your own daily lives and take a peek at mine.

Not sure what other people’s stats look like over time, but here’s mine:

My top posts ever are:

Problems with uploading photos to Facebook – 19,277 views
Fairytale Violin Sheet Music – 15,976 views
Repairing Guitar Hero World Tour red drum – 10,931 views
Photography techniques – vertorama – 6,509 views
Home Page – 6,181 views

I know those top 4 are mostly from searches, but it’s good to see my Home Page getting a large number of views too.   I think it goes to show that to get a healthy number of views on your blog, you need a combination of both key “pillar” articles, as well as interesting short posts to keep visitors coming back.

Interestingly, recently the search terms referring to my blog are getting more accurate (thanks Google), but there’s always the occasional funny one like: “three gils on one guy”.

Here are my previous milestones:

First post on WordPress on 26 June 2008
10,000 Page Views on 3 December 2008
50,000 Page Views on 12 October 2009

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