Really enjoying Hey Mister Jesse Podcast!

Earlier this year, I thought I’d spice up my drive to and from work by listening to podcasts.

Well, a single podcast.   The Hey Mister Jesse podcast, in fact.

This is a monthly show dedicated to swing music for swing dancers.  The host, Jesse Miner, is one of the most popular swing DJs around, and he is very active in the swing DJ scene.   His co-host happens to be Manu Smith, a cool swing dancer and teacher that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from a few years ago when he visited Perth.

I used to wonder what the appeal of a podcast was – why would anyone want to listen to a radio show that you have to download as an mp3?  But I’ve been converted!  I love the personal nature of it, the audience feedback, looking forward to new finds each month, and of course, the great music that is covered on the show.   At first, I was disappointed that most of the music on the show are short snippets and not full songs, but I’m getting used to it now and can’t wait to get home from my drive to buy new tunes that I like.

I love how the show has reinvigorated my swing music collection.  It was getting a little bit stale, but I now know of new swinging bands, as well as finding hidden gems in my existing collection.

As the show has been running for awhile, I’m actually listening to the shows in reverse order.  Feels weird reliving world events backwards, but it doesn’t matter – music is timeless!

If you’re into swing dancing or love swing music, I definitely recommend this podcast.   More details here:

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