Miss 11 at the Speak Up Awards


Our little Miss 11 was one of the three chosen from her school to enter the Speak Up Awards – a competition for public speaking.

Miss 11 in public is soft spoken and shy, so I was a bit worried when we found out she was participating in this.  (Un)fortunately, she showed great independence when preparing for this – she did NOT want Wifey or my help.  In a way, disappointed that she did not want our help – but at the same time happy and proud that she felt confident enough to prepare for this herself and think that she can do it without our help.

And so yesterday we made our way to the hall – a medium sized, wooden, slightly musty room adorned with a few grand wooden chairs and benches.  I hid at the back so not to increase her nerves.   A few other Year 6’s went first and the standard was high!  I was amazed how confident these other Year 6’s were!  

And then Miss 11’s name was called and she was up.  

And she spoke.

Yes, a little softly and a little fast from nerves.

But eloquently and confidently.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I felt pride as a parent can only feel.  I was nervous, hanging on her every word! 

Here is something that I never would have thought she’d do – public speaking. 

They say public speaking ranks as the number one fear for most people.  I know I had trouble speaking in public even in High School!  So I don’t care what the judges say – well done Miss 11!!!! 

Receiving their participation certificates at the end

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