Guys and Dolls Theatre shots

Last week I was fortunate to shoot the Redfoot Youth Theatre production of Guys and Dolls.  It was a magnificent looking production and the kids were extremely talented. 

I love the magic that gets created when set, lighting, makeup, costumes and music comes together with finely directed performances.  And I love the challenge of freezing the production for about 1/125ths of a second whilst still keeping the magic.    And like wedding or concert photography, you only get the one chance to take the shot.

I had a great time shooting this and was lucky to go back two more nights to watch it with a full field of view and without a stack of 70-200mm glass in front of me!

Here are some sneak peek shots for you to enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “Guys and Dolls Theatre shots”

    1. Holly – thanks for the visit! I find theatre shoots quite stressful because there’s only a few chances to get it right, the people are never still and the lighting is always changing out of your control. I do spend nearly twice as many hours after the shoot in post processing to get the photos to look right though!

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