Photography Blogs

Sometimes I find I more time working on my own blog than reading other blogs.   But today I stumbled across a few other photographer’s blogs and their amazing photos.   I wish I could take landscape shots like these guys!

Matt Lauder – a NSW photographer who is now making his living as a full time landscape photographer.   His site is here: and his blog is here:   Now, if you want to learn how to create images like he does, Matt also releases video tutorials that show you how he does it –   I think I’ll have to sign up for this!

Dan Proud – an Aussie photographer in Toowoomba who has a day job but still manages to create great images.  Commercial site here: and blog here:

Tim Wrate   Another self taught photographer from the Eastern States, but looks like he’s visited WA recently!

And finally, Ian Ibrahim.  I couldn’t find a site for him, but he has a Flickr stream and he’s very talented – especially with the combination of strobist techniques and existing lighting –

2 thoughts on “Photography Blogs”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out mate! much appreciated!

    To be listed in the same grouping as Matty Lauder is a huge compliment – thanks!!

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