Why is the yellow faction always last?

Miss 9 at lunch break at the sports carnival

I couldn’t believe that it was this time of the year again, but my kids had their annual sports carnival earlier this week.

And yet again, the yellow faction/house, which my kids are in, came last.

And you know the frustrating thing?  When I was in Primary School, I was in the “gold” faction, and I remember that we used to come last really often.   And when I was in High School, I was in the yellow house too, and we too came last most of the time.

What is the deal with yellow?  Is it a psychological factor that subliminally affects the kids to go slow?

I was talking to another parent and in our straw poll of two, we found that blue or green tends to come first and yellow tends to come last.

Is this a world wide issue? 

Anyone else in yellow that thinks we should experiment changing the colour schemes to see if it makes any difference?


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