Fluff in my iPhone

I recently found that I couldn’t plug in my headphones into my iPhone properly.   I pushed hard but found that it didn’t click in – and so the iPhone sporadically thought it was connected, but also not connected.

I thought “Crap! My iPhone headphone jack is stuffed!”    But after some Googling I found that a common problem is just that the headphone jack gets accumulated with crap.  

And so a few weeks ago I performed surgery on my iPhone.   I searched around the house for the thinnest inflexible object I could find – which ended up being a really thin screwdriver.   And then proceeded to carefully scrape out fluff.

And fluff there was!!   Basically nearly 2 years of pocket lint blocking a good connection for my headphones.

Having iPhone headphone jack problems too?   Maybe it’s just lint 🙂


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