Excited about the Nikon D7000!

Every few weeks for the past few months, I’ve been doing a Google search for D700x or D700s, in anticipation of a new camera body from Nikon at the upcoming Photokina photography trade fair.

So I was surprised, but excited, to read that a new D7000 model is being launched at Photokina next week.

It seems to be upgrade of the D90, prosumer line, than an upgrade to the professional D700 line. 

I’m excited about these things:

Supposedly great low light (high ISO) performance

This is one thing that is really pushing me to upgrade my D80.  At ISO 1600, I get really grainy shots.  Sure I can fix it somewhat later through software, but it’s always better to get the best quality shots out of the camera first.  Initially I was thinking that the D3 family or D700 is my only route to get better low light performance because of the larger pixel sizes on the full frame sensor.  But if the D7000 can deliver as good low noise, I’ll be happy!

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a definitive review on its high ISO performance yet or a comparison to the D700, so I’ll have to wait and see.

DX format

OK, I was seriously thinking of going full frame, only because of the low noise aspect.  But the truth is, I have 2 lenses now that are DX lenses – my Tokina 12-24 and Nikon 17-55 2.8.  If I had to upgrade to full frame, it would cost me!!!   I don’t care if people think that FF is better and DX inferior – if someone has come up with a way for DX to produce exactly the same quality photos than FF, then does it really matter?

So if I get the same low light performance with DX, then I would theoretically only need to upgrade the body, and leave my entire lens collection intact!

Also, DX format means my Sigma 70-200 2.8 is actually a 105-300 2.8.  By going full frame, if I wanted that reach I’d have to buy an extender or a new longer zoom lens.


As for other things, LiveView, video recording, virtual horizon – they’re great but not something I “need”.  Sure, I’ll use them if the camera I have has them, but I’ve gotten by without those things.

Time to save up and prep the wifey 🙂

Here’s some further reading:


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