Adventures with We Rule on the iPhone

In the last few years, social networking and the internet have enabled all sorts of new types of games to appear.

One game that I am currently hooked on is called We Rule. 

The point?  Not much really!  I’d describe it as sort of a SimCity mixed with Tamagotchi mixed with Monopoly. 

It’s a little “kingdom” that is yours.  You can buy new buildings and decorate it the way you want.  In order to buy items, you need to earn it, by growing and then harvesting crops when they are fully grown.  As you buy and grow things, you gain experience points, which lets you increase your “level” which in turn unlocks new items.

Quite simple.

But addictive.

My kingdom at Level 12

For me, the addiction was in always wanting to save a bit more money to buy the next big thing.   And getting enough money to rearrange and re-layout my kingdom.   It was slow starting, but progression is relatively fast in the first few levels so it wasn’t too frustrating.

But this game keeps hauling you back as the crops take a fixed amount of time to grow.  At the moment, magic cauliflower is the most lucrative for me, taking 13 hours to grow.   So I’ve now added We Rule to my daily routine – harvesting and growing crops in the morning and late at night.   Aarghhh!!  

Added a moat around my castle!

In terms of basic gameplay, it’s only available on the iPhone at the moment, and the graphics and touch response is great!  I think the implementation is much better than Farmville on the iPhone.

I also like how you there is only a fixed number of “farms” you can have (although this grows as you level up).   This encourages users to be more creative with their lands, rather than the standard Farmville setup where most people have heaps of farming area, and squash buildings into a little space.

It wasn’t until I played it for a few weeks that I stumbled across the social part of the game.  I’m now friends/neighbours with a handful of random people around the world.   It’s interesting visiting their kingdoms and placing “orders” at their shops.  Another way to earn money and experience points, but also a way to see how they’ve laid their kingdoms out, or who has the latest new shop or building 🙂

Having played some Farmville lately, We Rule is not as social as Farmville.   There aren’t tasks to do, and you can’t interact with items on other farms besides ordering from them.

Expanded my river across the land

The game costs you nothing –  unless you want to purchase some “mojo” which is an alternate way to get buildings and items.

Here’s a screenshot when I was able to secure my prison by water, but you can see my lands were getting quite crowded, especially in the “town center” on the left.

Kingdom getting pretty crowded now
I was finally able to expand my lands!  This allowed me to spread out the town center as well as buy the boats!   I’m now just saving up for the theatre to put in the empty green space!
Now with boats, a university and expanded lands

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