NASA to announce some astrobiological finding!


NASA have announced that they will host a news conference soon that will disclose “an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestial life.”

Seems like the web’s imagination has gone into overdrive!  What could it be?  What would they find that would impact the search for aliens?  Could it be that they found aliens so that wouldn’t need to search anymore?

Here’s a few dreams:

  • They found a formation of stars in deep space that makes up the sentence “Hello world!”
  • They have received a radio message from another lifeform in the Universe telling us to “Cease and desist” looking for them
  • They have received a message from extraterrestials that they will invade and destroy Earth in the near future
  • They have detected Voyager 2 or Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind recordings being replayed back to us from some other location in the Universe
  • They found human lifeforms living on another planet – yes maybe we were populated from somewhere else!
  • They found a planet somewhere else in the Universe that has conditions just like Earth, water, land, oxygen, human tolerable temperatures
  • They have invented some new technology that can scan for biological life instantaneously everywhere in the Universe!
  • They have discovered that there are aliens living amongst us here on Earth
  • The NASA scientists at the press conference reveal that they are actually aliens!
  • They found a satellite/spaceship/evidence of another life form in the Universe so we don’t need to continue looking anymore
  • They have scanned every possible planet and solar system in the Universe and found nothing so there’s no more need to continue searching – we’re alone

I can’t wait to hear what they’re going to say!


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