Potential finalist of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra!

For the last few days, I’ve been checking my iPhone constantly for new messages from YouTube.  Yep, it was the time range when entrants to the YTSO 2011 competition would find out if they got chosen to progress to the next round.

So I was extremely excited when my iPhone pinged me on Saturday morning with an email from YouTube.

I have been chosen as a potential finalist or potential alternate! 

I can’t believe it!!   Wifey thinks I’m mad, that I’m suffering some mid life crisis.  Must be like how I’m the oldest (nearly twice the age) of entrants in the Fremantle Eisteddfod.  I wonder if I’m the oldest entrant in YTSO 2011?   Surely not at 35!

For me, I’m secretly glad that being a non-professional musician means I don’t have a “reputation” that I need to uphold and prevent me from doing random things like this 🙂

But I’ve been playing back my recording for the last week and am actually embarrassed that my intonation is a little shaky, especially in the Mozart – the first piece in my video!   Luckily, intonation is not the only criteria used for judging and I hope musicality and interpretation are just important.

Anyways, I think I now have to wait until around the 10th December when official public voting starts, and then see what happens.   If I do get through, then it’s a week over in Sydney to hang out with other musos from around the world, and hopefully some top notch professional musos too!

*Fingers crossed*

2 thoughts on “Potential finalist of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra!”

  1. Congratulations! I got the same message on Friday. At first I was excited, but now I think that they may select many more “potential finalists” than will actually move to the voting stage. I have read through their rules and scoured the net to find more info, but still feel a little vague about what this means to be a “potential finalist”. I did find a post from someone from the 2009 go around that got this type of email, but then his video was not in the voting stage and he got an email a few days later thanking him for his participation, but that they had 1000s of entries, etc… I guess I will be a lot more excited if my video shows up in the voting stage on Friday.

  2. Congrats to both of you!
    I got the same message and went through the same motions: At first I was excited, then I read the same post John referred to, which made me assume that there will be more potential than actual finalists. Their wording on “potential finalist or potential alternate” is quite confusing.
    By the way, I think last year they had non-professionals and “older” people in the band (I’m 42 myself).
    Good luck!

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