Yahtzee fun

Did you ever play Yahtzee when you were a kid?

I remember days when I was still a boy at home, Dad getting out the Yahtzee game and us having family game nights with it.

Well, a couple of years ago, we borrowed the game from a friend and our kids loved it!   Something about rolling dice and chance seems to tickle human fancies, even from a young age.

Secretly, I was using it as a fun way for kids to practice adding and multiplication!   5 dice with up to 6 spots, that gives a pretty good combination of sums.

So for Christmas, I bought Little Miss 11 her very own Yahtzee game that we can play as a family 🙂 and so we did!  

(And ssshhhhh  don’t tell the kids – but they’re actually practising their sums without realising it!)


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