Awkward cinema moments

We grabbed the opportunity to buy cheap tickets to see Megamind last night.

Does anyone like Event Cinemas’ pre-allocated seats?

Works fine I think – definitely choosing your seat like any other type of show brings the cinema out of the dark ages, and removes that frustrating feeling of walking into a cinema, seeing all those seats and arguing over where to sit.    I remember plenty of times when we’ve been torn between sitting towards the middle, about a third from the front or near the back.

Actually, I wonder if the position you sit in the cinema is relative to your age?   In my teen years, I always wanted to be closer to the front, but now I opt for the “middle”.   When I was dating, towards the back would be good.   And I reckon when you’re older, you would tend to sit further away.

Anyway I digress.   Pre-allocated seats should work.

Except when someone else is sitting in your seat.  Or someone else thinks you’re sitting in their seat!

How can this be?  We were definitely sitting in the right spot.   Date – check.  Time – check.  Cinema number – check.  Row – check.  Seat number – check.

So what went wrong?   I don’t know – all I know is that I missed the first minute or so of Megamind as the latecomers were wondering what to do about us having the same seat numbers.

And I couldn’t rewind back to the beginning!  Arghhh…   What’s with this shared viewing and no personal control of the movie?  Movie review in the end?  OK – a bit too convoluted for young kids, not witty enough for me  😦

At least we got the kids out of our hot house for a while.   Can’t wait until that aircon repairman comes!


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