An absolute IKEA bargain!

Just before Christmas, Wifey and I went to IKEA to have breakfast.  When we got to the counter to pay, we were told that we could bring our receipt to the furniture checkout and the cost of our meal would be deducted off any purchases that day!  

How friggin awesome I thought!

So Wifey and I got sucked into the IKEA scheme, and tripsed around the floors trying to find ~$15 worth of stuff to buy…

Which we really didn’t need…

Since we only went to IKEA that day for the food.

Arghh..   and you know what?  We ended up buying like $30 worth of stuff.  Minus the $15 for breakfast still means $15 out of pocket.

IKEA 1 – US 0.

But we formed up a cunning plan.  We had already planned to get Little Miss 11 a new bed and bedhead for Christmas.  Our plan would be to go into IKEA, eat a MASSIVE family meal that cost LOTS, and then buy the bed and bedhead for CHEAP!

So on the weekend we popped in, and felt like Gods!  We were picking all sorts of stuff off the food shelves.   Extra dessert that we didn’t really need to eat, extra drinks that we didn’t really need to drink. 

Went to the checkout.  The checkout chick said that the offer was only valid on weekdays up to Christmas!!    AAARGHHHHHH!!!! CRAP!

And then when we went to find the bed, it was not in stock!!!

We walked out totally jibbed.  

IKEA 2 – US 0.

But we formed up another cunning plan.  This time we will go in on a weeknight, and we’ll eat an even MASSIVER family meal WITH FRIENDS on ONE DOCKET and then buy the bedhead (but not the bed) for EXTRA CHEAP!

So we arranged to meet up with friends on a weeknight before Christmas.   We definitely felt like we had won Lotto this time.   We were PILING on extra food, entree, desserts, etc.  But when it was time to pay, we realised we had come on half price Tuesday or whatever.  Yep, 10 meatballs from $6.95 down to $3.50!  Oh no!  We’re not going to get the full value for money!

By this time, I also noticed some other people who had caught onto this mega deal and were buying extra bottles of juice and water and shoving them into their handbags surreptitiously.

Anyway, we had an absolute feast, then we rolled down to the self service area, bought the bedhead, received our entire $70 meal for 2 families off it!  I felt like the lady in the IKEA ad where it felt I had stolen something from IKEA and had to runaway.

Loaded the flat pack into the back of the car, loaded our huge bellies into the seats, and away we went.

IKEA 2 – US 1.

Can’t wait till IKEA repeat this offer again so I can settle the score!


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