Dutch Pancake Maker

For Christmas, Little Miss 11 got a Mistral Dutch Pancake Maker!   At first I was wondering – what is a Dutch Pancake?  The machine doesn’t look like it makes Dutch Baby Pancakes which looks more like a Yorkshire Pudding, but seems to make Poffertjes – tiny pancake ball things.

In any case, baking, cooking and a sweet breakfasty treat are all the ingredients we need to try it out, so after Christmas, we did just that.

The kids had fun making the mixture and spooning it into the machine!  There was not much to it really – perhaps turning each little pancake over is the hardest step.

And once they were done, we had them with icing sugar, maple syrup, nutella and honey (NOT all at the same time!!!).  Even though we didn’t think we made much, we ended up with a LOT of  mini pancakes.  Too many actually!   I was starting to feel sick by the end of the batch and our family of four just couldn’t finish what we made.

Also I’m not really sure if this is how you’re meant to eat them?!  I’ll need to consult my Dutch friend at work for the real way to server this up!

So, all in all, easy to make, kid friendly, not too much mess and easy and yummy to eat!  I’m not sure where to buy the Mistral one, but there is a Princess brand for sale in Myers:  http://www.lasoo.com.au/search/princess+poffertjes+dutch+pancake+maker+492226.html

Found another Perth blogger who had a good experience with these:  http://www.thefoodpornographer.com/2010/01/30/poffertjes-dutch-mini-pancakes-test-run/

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