Not in the YouTube Symphony

Oh well…

I’m not a “winner” of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra.   Wifey keeps on telling me to get over it.

But I’ve watched my video a few more times, and those of the “winners”.   And I’ve come to the conclusion – I’m just a boring player to watch.

And I need to change this.

I’m sure there are a multitude of opinions, but music is primarily a form of communication – a performing art.   Playing the notes, articulation, phrasing..  that’s all one side of the coin.  But on the other side, is the visual aspect.

On an audio CD, you don’t get this – and so I know I’ve been sometimes surprised to go and watch an artist in person and be disappointed.  Or sometimes the reverse – sometimes seeing the performance, the emotion and movement in an artist, leaves such an impression that just listening to their audio recording afterwards is quite a different experience.

I think I need to work on the visual, performing aspect of my playing.   So it “looks” like I’m playing what I’m feeling.  For an audience member, this will then reinforce their aural sense with the visual sense – therefore heightening their overall musical experience.  Surely?

Any thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Not in the YouTube Symphony”

  1. Hello Jase, I think you are having a very Mature assessment of the situation. This way the outcome will not hold you back but serve as a springboard to continue getting better and improving as a musician and performing artist. I think everyone who made it to finalist is a winner from the perspective of the number of watches your video garnered. So Congratulaitons and Keep up the good work. Peace, Marco
    Btw, I am a winner on the flute section this year.

    1. Marco, congratulations! Thanks for the comments! Yes, one aspect of all this – is that hundreds (and in the future thousands) of people will have watched my little performance video. Which is scary, because for most people that’s the largest audience they’ve ever had. Have fun in Sydney!

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