First WordPress post from my iPhone

Where do you write your blog posts? I always have written
my posts on a computer – my laptop at home and sometimes proofing
and finishing my posts off during my lunch break at work. But one
of the first apps I downloaded on my iPhone was the WordPress app
but I’ve never taken the time to blog from it. Having the ability
to blog on the go is great. However, for me, the slowness of text
entry on a mobile device is too painful for me. Ok for short
updates like Facebook or Twitter, but not a multi-paragraph post!
As for capturing ideas on the go? May come in handy but I’d rather
take a photo…


One thought on “First WordPress post from my iPhone”

  1. Great I’ve just realised that none of my paragraph formatting made it into my post.

    Also, there was no assistance (type-ahead, etc) for tagging. Luckily I used the right tags but it was inconvenient.

    So the final verdict – good for jotting down some quick ideas on the road, but I think the web interface from a full qwerty keyboard is still more ideal for better editing and proofing capabilities.

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