Changing the Subaru Forester brake light bulb

Seems like I’ve been driving around with a blown rear brake light for a while in my Subaru Forester.  Of course, I didn’t know – but it was one kind stranger who let me know when I was filling up petrol at a petrol station.

Now, yes, I’m a guy, the “man of the house”..  but I’m probably more of a metro Dad than a real hands on bloke 🙂   I’m good with computers, small electronics and I’d like to think I’m getting better with home maintenance, but with cars – definitely not my forte.

But I had to fix this brake light – how hard can it be?

Not hard at all really!   And I’m sure much cheaper than getting a mechanic to do it.

At first I did look like a fool spending about 10 minutes standing in front of all the light bulbs at the local car auto shop trying to figure out which one to get.  Seems like the model numbers didn’t exactly match the bulb model numbers in the owner’s manual.

It was a great opportunity to get out my socket set – something that really sparks and appeals to the “man” in me!

Is it just me or do all guys feel more of a man when they get out their socket set?   (Tip for wives – buy your man a set of expensive spanners or screwdrivers 🙂 I know it looks like a box of metal, but we love toys like this!  And there’ll be no excuse to not fix something that breaks in the future!)

In the end, Little Miss 10 came out wondering what I was doing and so it was a good opportunity to get her to help!

In my Googling around, I found a whole Subaru Forester Owner’s Forum here –    Wow, I’ve been driving this model car around for 8 years and didn’t even know this existed 🙂

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