Cyclone heading for Perth?

I live in Perth, the most remote capital city in the world.

We’re quite far from the equator and cyclonic type events, but it seems that our Bureau of Metereology is predicing that cyclone Bianca ( will be making its way towards Perth.   It might just fizzle out by the time it gets here, resulting in a storm with strong gusts of wind, but who knows?

First thing I thought was – I’ve never experienced a cyclone – what do I have to do get ready?

Here’s a few tips I’ve scraped off the net that might help:

Reduce damage to property

  • Remove all loose stuff from around the outside of the house that can go flying around
  • Pack away outdoor furniture
  • Pack pot plants together and against a wall of the house

Food and water

  • Bottled water
  • Tinned food


  • Candles and matches
  • Torch and batteries


  • Charged mobile phone (know the SES number and other emergency numbers)
  • Radio with batteries so you can listen to emergency updates


  • Get a first aid kit
  • Get a copy of important documents just in case
  • Keep pets inside

Stay safe everyone!

[UPDATE 10:38AM 29-Jan-2011]

Found this NASA satellite photo of cyclone Bianca:

NASA also have supplied a kml file that you can load into Google Earth to see this:

Cyclone Bianca compared to WA

Even though it’s blue skies now, it looks like a lot of cloud and rain coming!

I’ve tidied up the front and back of the house even though Wifey says “I don’t see any cyclone!”

More useful information here:

BOM’s cyclone preparation checklist:
FESA’s cyclone information page:
BOM’s page on Current Tropical Cyclones:

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