Time spent post processing photos

How much time do you spend post processing your photos?

I just shot a wedding reception on the weekend and I’ve tried to keep track of how much time I spend in front of Lightroom this time.

So far, I’ve clocked up as many hours as the shoot itself!   And I’m nowhere near finished.   With previous dance shoots, I average at least the same amount of time post processing as the shoot itself.

Unfortunately, my time so far doesn’t even include the time spent preparing the proofs and uploading them, etc!

Many people think that the move to digital photography means less processing time and everything is instant.    Sure, it’s “easier” to press the shutter button and get a photo.  But I think many people who might have worked in a darkroom before, now are doing that post processing on a computer.   And it takes TIME!

After attending a session on landscape photography by Christian Fletcher, I suspect that landscape photographers must spend an extremely large amount of time in post production to get the image right.   The ratio of time to the number of final images must be huge!

Do you find you spend a lot of time in post production?


2 thoughts on “Time spent post processing photos”

  1. I think you’re spot on that people think the effort to produce photos when shooting digitally is less, when in fact it’s typically much more, due to the post-processing effort!

    I’m trying to stream-line my post-processing, and have created a number of Photoshop actions to help with that, as I have recognised that I need to be more efficient with post-processing.
    I typically spend about 40+ hours post-processing photos from a wedding shoot, and I’m trying to get that down.

    1. Martin, yes Photoshop actions help – as does bulk-editing using Lightroom and other related products. Well, I’ve now lost count of hours – over the last few nights it’s definitely all added up.

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