“Totally Bizarre” and “Mintox”

Today’s post is courtesy of today’s WordPress’s Daily Post inspiration – What is your favourite word?

Now I don’t have a favourite word or phrase that I use right now but I will always remember when the word “Mint” was cool, back in the 80s. 

Did you ever use “Mint” to say something was cool or good?   When I was in Primary School, if you weren’t using “Mint” in your everyday language, then you definitely were not cool or in.

And then “Mintox” became the new “Mint”, and then I remember my sister and I coming up with “Mintoxicosis”.   Boy, when we slipped that into our kid talk, we thought we were so ultra cool!!

Like various word fads, that did die away.   Although I have spotted a Facebook group to bring it back into everyday language 🙂

But in High School, I remember a bunch of guys who started using the phrase “Totally bizarre” all the time.   And being a totally impressionable “geek wishing he was in the in crowd” teenager, I assimilated that phrase into my speech and it soon became one of my favourite phrases.    Usage:  “That’s so totally bizarre”.  

Did you go through phases of favourite words of phrases too?


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