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Awkward cinema moments

We grabbed the opportunity to buy cheap tickets to see Megamind last night.

Does anyone like Event Cinemas’ pre-allocated seats?

Works fine I think – definitely choosing your seat like any other type of show brings the cinema out of the dark ages, and removes that frustrating feeling of walking into a cinema, seeing all those seats and arguing over where to sit.    I remember plenty of times when we’ve been torn between sitting towards the middle, about a third from the front or near the back.

Actually, I wonder if the position you sit in the cinema is relative to your age?   In my teen years, I always wanted to be closer to the front, but now I opt for the “middle”.   When I was dating, towards the back would be good.   And I reckon when you’re older, you would tend to sit further away.

Anyway I digress.   Pre-allocated seats should work.

Except when someone else is sitting in your seat.  Or someone else thinks you’re sitting in their seat!

How can this be?  We were definitely sitting in the right spot.   Date – check.  Time – check.  Cinema number – check.  Row – check.  Seat number – check.

So what went wrong?   I don’t know – all I know is that I missed the first minute or so of Megamind as the latecomers were wondering what to do about us having the same seat numbers.

And I couldn’t rewind back to the beginning!  Arghhh…   What’s with this shared viewing and no personal control of the movie?  Movie review in the end?  OK – a bit too convoluted for young kids, not witty enough for me  😦

At least we got the kids out of our hot house for a while.   Can’t wait until that aircon repairman comes!

More Asian movies on SBS

SBS is getting more and more lovin’.  I had a peek at this week’s TV guide and spotted the following kungfu and asian movies:

Monday 11pm – Come Drink With Me – another Shaw Brothers action movie

Tuesday 11pm – The Magic Blade – a Shaw Brothers sword fighting movie

Friday 10pm – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Friday 12.10am – A Chinese Odyssey – a spoof of other Chinese movies

I’m not sure how many people SBS thinks they’re going to get watching Crouching Tiger when it’s at the same time as the Opening Ceremony and probably in quite a few people’s DVD libraries, but A Chinese Odyssey would be a good way to relax and have a few laughs after the Olympics.

An excellent follow on from last week’s marathon.

Kung Fu movies this week on SBS!

A little birdy told me about something on TV this week – keep your eyes glued on SBS every night this week as they are having a load of kungfu/fighting/Asian movies!   Must be to replace the Tour de France – I wonder if they think there is some strong intersection between cycling enthusiasts and kungfu movie lovers?

Monday 28th – The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

Tuesday 29th – Beautiful Boxer

Wednesday 30th – The Smashing Machine

Thursday 31st – The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter

Friday 1st – Kung Fu Hustle

Saturday 2nd – New Police Story

I haven’t seen The 36th Chamber of Shaolin yet, but have been wanting to get the DVD for ages.  Many people regard it as one of the best kungfu movies of all time!  Better make sure there is enough space left on the PVR.

Take the Lead

aarghghh..  Su and I our such suckers for dance movies.  The latest one we bought and watched last night was Take the Lead.  Typical “inspiring  street/young kids” storyline formula.  Any dance wow factor?  A couple of flashy tango dances.. not sure how it would go down with the real tango crowd though.  Couple of obligatory hip hop and breakdance bits and backflips, but not much else – just very clever editing and booty shaking.

Makes me wish though that someone would promote lindyhop in one of these movies instead of the foxtrot for dancing to swing.  I wonder how many people realise that lindyhop was a street dance of the young generation back in 30s and 40s, much like the hip hop/b-boy scene today.   But also makes me think how hard it is to communicate the “feel” in jazz music if the other person just doesn’t “get” it.

At least it gives the kids a new dance movie to watch 3 times a day.  In the last week, we’ve been bombarded by Breakdance 1 – Breakin and Breakdance 2 – Electric Boogaloo multiple times a day!  I’ve had enough!!  No more benefit concerts pleeeeaaassseee!  Maybe I should the kids back on You Got Served…  hmm…