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Fluff in my iPhone

I recently found that I couldn’t plug in my headphones into my iPhone properly.   I pushed hard but found that it didn’t click in – and so the iPhone sporadically thought it was connected, but also not connected.

I thought “Crap! My iPhone headphone jack is stuffed!”    But after some Googling I found that a common problem is just that the headphone jack gets accumulated with crap.  

And so a few weeks ago I performed surgery on my iPhone.   I searched around the house for the thinnest inflexible object I could find – which ended up being a really thin screwdriver.   And then proceeded to carefully scrape out fluff.

And fluff there was!!   Basically nearly 2 years of pocket lint blocking a good connection for my headphones.

Having iPhone headphone jack problems too?   Maybe it’s just lint 🙂

Road bike on the way!

I can’t believe it – I’ve now spent more on a bike than a digital SLR body!  How did this ever come about?   Why didn’t I just buy a D700 🙂

After a year or so of pushing my Diamondback Apex mountain bike around Perth and 6 weeks of rides increasing from 26kms to 40kms, I’ve decided to take the plunge and get a road bike.  A little zippy carbon one with a 105 groupset and entry Mavic Aksium wheels.  I’m sure that should be more than I need for the next few years!  (Don’t tell wifey that there’s even more expensive bikes and components to upgrade to later!)

So which one?

I really couldn’t decide.  All I know is that my budget was just over the $2k mark and I wanted to get the best “bang” for the buck, so after considering the Merida Road Race 905-COM, runout Cannondale 6 Carbon 5, Trek 2.3, Felt F75 and Giant TCR Alliance, I decided to go with the Malvern Star Oppy C5.   Yep, the brand name might be shunned by experienced rideres, but I couldn’t find a better deal – I really don’t know how Malvern Star are doing it besides just not making as much profit as other companies.

For anyone who’s reading this who is thinking of getting a road bike, just remember that there are accessories to add onto the cost – like clip pedals, shoes, pump, tube, drink holders, clothing, etc.  It all adds up!

Looking forward to my first big ride on the weekend!

By the way, if you’re interested in looking up prices to compare, the best place I’ve found so far is here:

40 days of no PS3

Gosh it almost sounds like some passage out of the bible.

Today marks the 40th day of no PS3 for me.  No, not self enforced or inflicted, but because my PS3 had died with the Yellow Light of Death back in January.

The whole family has sooooo missed it.  No Beatles Rockband or Guitar Hero.  More saddening is I just recently bought Assassin’s Creed 2 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and have had hardly any play time on it.    And it makes watching DVDs really cumbersome as the PS3 was our only media player!  I eventually had to hook up the MacBook Pro to the TV through VGA to watch stuff.

But the good news – I rang Sony yet again today to chase up the repair status, and was told some good news – it’s on its way to me!  Woohoo!!

Cycled to Freo!

I did my first 40km ride on the weekend – all the way to Freo and back!  Turns out my average speed over the whole trip in the end was around 22 km/h.  Not that fast really, but considering I’m riding a 5+ year heavy mountain bike with semi slicks and no clips, and sticking mostly to a cycle path with some windingness and stop/starts for traffic, it’s not bad.

One of the guys that rode with me had a bike computer and gave me some updates while we were cycling – on some longer flat straights, I was doing about 30-32 km/h!  That did feel good 🙂  Unfortunately it didn’t last long.

But the difference between the effort I was putting into my mountain bike, and my 2 friends’ road bikes was very noticeable – especially up hills.  They just zoomed past me, while I felt like I was lugging up a bag of potatos.  I know I’m still not as fit (only my 6th week riding), but I’m 99% convinced I need a road bike now to make it more enjoyable, go faster and cover more kms.

I’m confident I can now finish the 30 km HBF ride.  But the question is – if I buy a road bike in the near future, will I be able to complete the 60 km ride?

I’m guessing there’s 2 factors – the time it would take (can I ride for that long), and could I output the right amount of energy (really coming down to – what would my average speed on a road bike be compared to my mountain bike if I put in the same amount of effort).   And so I started looking up the average speed for mountain bikes versus road bikes.  Of course there is no real definitive answer, but “people” seem to think it could add at least 5-10 km/h for the same effort (eg.  

If I take the bottom end of the scale, 5 km/h means an average of 27 km/h, so 60 kms means 2 hours 12 minutes of cycling.   At the top end of the scale, 10 km/h more means an average of 32 km/h, so 60 kms means 1 hour 52 minutes of cycling.  

I know my Freo trip took nearly 1 hour 50 minutes – so I know I’ll need to work on cycling longer.   Friends also say that average speed may be higher for the HBF bike ride since it’s a straight track on the Freeway (no stopping/starting/obstacles besides bikes) and there’s typically very low wind resistance due to the number of riders around you.   Of course, I could try to do 60 km on my mountain bike – it would just take 3 hours 🙂

Oh well, I just need to train with a few more 2 hour rides in Perth.

And figure out which road bike to buy!  Got my eye on an Oppy C5 at the moment…

Day 7 without Wife

And suddenly it’s Day 7 without Wifey.

As you may have read in a previous blog, my biggest worry was food.  But so far, we’ve conquered the following:

* Ordered Pizza – YES
* Oven Fry Food – YES
* Eating out – YES
* Dinner at parents – YES
* Reheating leftovers – YES
* Soup and bread – YES
* Coffees at cafes like Greens & Co – YES

Which leaves us cooking at home!!  I’ve tried to make an activity of it for the kids, so we spent yesterday scouring the MasterChef website and our dusty cookbooks looking for recipes, then an hour at the shops yesterday looking for ingredients.  Let’s just say that today will be interesting and fun (and hopefully not too messy!)


Dragonball at Cosplay

Are you a geek?  I know my Star Wars, I used to watch Doctor Who in the 80s and am familiar with a couple of Japanese animated movies.   After going to the Supanova expo on the weekend, I can say that I am NOT a pop culture geek.

The people who went to the show were seriously hard core!!  It was a real eye opener to see so many people dressed up as manga/anime/scifi characters 🙂

There were also quite a few celebrities doing signings.  Celebrities, but unfortunately not for me – I didn’t know who most of these people were!  I wish I could’ve got excited about them, but I was really out of the know 😦  I guess I could’ve gone up to them, got their autograph and asked, “eerrr.. so what are you famous for?”

Dotted around the expo were some amazing artists – Miss 10 spent a while at the Wacom stand watching people draw Japanese and other cartoon styled characters on computers.  They were amazing 🙂

We ended the visit at the Cosplay competition where the costumed people congregated and pretended to be their characters.  Their interviews definitely showed their geekiness.  I was amused when they role played, or re-enacted scenes/songs.  But my favourite *huh?* bits are when some people quoted from particular shows went right over my head…

We left with a couple of Japanese bunny ears and some kiddy mangas.  I’m wondering if I should dress up the girls next year…  Sailor Moon?  Or is that too mainstream?  Maybe Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket or Mitsuki Koyama from Full Moon?

Jazz on vinyl

A few weeks ago I went over to my parents in law to fix their computer up. 

While I was waiting for Spybot Search and Destroy to scan, I was looking around the computer room and noticed a pile of records sitting behind me.  I had a casual flick through them and came across this one:

Reader's Digest All Star Jazz Festival
Reader's Digest All Star Jazz Festival

I was excited!  All Stars!  Swing music!  Vinyl!

8 records of analog jazz!
8 records of analog jazz!

I had a peek at the track listing and it seems to be a compilation, but a pretty good one, even with the Metronome All Stars on there too.  So I borrowed it, gave it to my Dad to copy from record onto CD and now I’m in the process of splitting the WAV files up into tracks, removing hiss and clicks and normalising the volume.

I’ve now gone through both my parents’ record collections and found a few more gems.   It’s a pleasant surprise that we all share some similar musical tastes!

Can’t wait to listen to all the tracks properly and add them to my future DJ sets!

Found an old interview on the internet!

Ahh the secrets that the internet holds – here’s one for friends to read 🙂

I found this old interview I did for a computer music online mag… classic… go about half way down in the section “How they got involved”…