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50,000 page views!

50,000 Page Views

Whilst I was away up in Moore River for the weekend, it seems that my blog has rolled over 50,000 page views!

Thanks so much to everyone for reading my little life anecdotes and postings!  I know some days it seems pretty mundane and boring, but I hope that most of you, my readers, have found something interesting, informational or useful, and come back regularly.

I had reached 10,000 views in just over 5 months, and now 50,000 page views in just over 15 months.   Not a bad increase in page views!   I know it’s nowhere near power bloggers (like Karen Cheng – no stats, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets this many page views in a few days), but it’s better than single digits per day.     To all starting bloggers – I know how hard it is to start.  It can be disheartening to see only 0-5 readers per day, but keep at it and it will pick up.    For my records, my average daily page read is around 180 per day.

Although I’d love regularly subscribers and readers, it’s really only a handful of posts that have pulled numbers up so much.    My story of pain with uploading photos to Facebook has registered the most views, followed by my micro transcription of the Eurovision Fairytale violin part.   Third most read post was my fix for the Guitar Hero drumkit.    I just hope that a small fraction of these readers will come back again, and hopefully subscribe.

Thanks again!