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Tinsky or front walkover

Round off backflip

Browny or aerial cartwheel

Front Handspring

Elbow Stand

Yep, these are terms I never heard off before, but now my Miss 9 and Miss 11 girls are learning and doing them in their acro dance class.

And it’s SCARY!

I mean, I go to their acro dance about 5 minutes early so I can watch Miss 11 practise her aerial cartwheel – basically a no-hands cartwheel.

I see her get ready to do her run up.   I don’t know whether she’s more nervous or I am – that she’ll be turning her whole body 360 degrees in the air while trying to defy gravity.   It’s not natural right?  Humans weren’t made to fly.

She turns over but she can’t resist touching the floor when upside down.  I don’t blame her!!  If I was trying it I would think “OK gravity – you win”!

She tries a few more times.  She nearly gets there.  Luckily her instructor knows how to spot her correctly and even catches her once when her approach isn’t quite straight.   Should I be worried?  I mean, if I had boys, they’d be playing footy or soccer..  and they don’t get hurt in that right?  HA!