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Singapore Changi Airport Foodcourt

Changi Airport Foodcourt

Here’s a secret for travellers to/from Singapore – there is a large food court with really cheap food in the B1 Basement of the Airport.   It’s the “staff canteen”, but it’s actually open to the public too. 

It’s a bit hard to find (before you go through the departure gates, try to find a lift in the far corner that goes down to B1 in Terminal 1).   You can’t take luggage trolleys down there but rolling hand luggage is fine.  The good news – the prices of the dishes are really cheap, the range is massive compared to the food stalls/restaurants in the main part of the airport and it serves all the local foods!

Prawn Noodle Soup

Like any holiday to Singapore, eating is a highlight.   So what better way to end our recent trip than to go down to the food court and have our “last supper”!!  We stuffed ourselves with as many local delights as possible before boarding our cheap Jetstar flight.

Good local prawn mee, local chicken rice, burbur chacha, chendol, rojak, coconut juice and many desserts with names I could not pronounce…   until next time.

 Burbur cha cha

More Chinese desserts


Joy at the airport

Airports are such centers of human emotion.   And such contrasts depending on whether you’re at the arrival or departure gates.

I love the airport arrival ritual…  the waiting, anticipation.   Seeing others come through the doors from customs, eyes searching for a familiar face, some people running up to greet them with huge bear hugs, others with a “G’day” and a handshake..   emotions of waiting, then instant joy.   Yes, we are human..   and airports definitely show that!

We were there to pick up my parents.   The kids were excited, waiting with balloons and flowers and a little sign they made.   To while away the time, we played some games like, “Guess how many more people until they come out?”, or “Which door will they come out of?” or “Which airlines are those air stewardesses from?” or “They were in Phuket (because they are wearing a Diesel T-shirt!)”    And the kids played tricks on me like “Here they are!   Hahhaa made you look!”.

And then they arrived and it was hugs, kisses and smiles all around while we started to share stories of what’s been happening…