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Memories of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson on the Hollywood Walk
Michael Jackson on the Hollywood Walk

On the way to dropping the kids off to school this morning, I had the radio on and couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that Michael Jackson had passed away.  What?!? THE Michael Jackson?

I’m sure some of us have stories involving Michael’s music in some way or another.  Sure people now think he is a weirdo and maybe a child molester, but in the 80s, he was DA BOMB!

For me, his song, “Beat It”, is one of my very first pop song memories from when I was 8.  I remember our family was on holiday in Hong Kong in 1983.  Our hotel had some sort of tinny daggy piped music system and the song that had most rotation was “Beat It”.  It became the “theme song” for that family holiday!

A few years later, I remember the huge launch of “Bad”.  Our family gathered around the TV, watching some long special where they talked about the song, and then played the full length video clip (probably multiple times).  I was an instant fan!!!   My father then bought us the 12-inch LP single of “Bad” – our very first “pop” record (I think INXS Kick was the first album I bought with my own pocket money).

I used to listen to “Bad” over.. and over.. and over.  The 12 inch was great because it had all sorts of other mixes on there, including an acapella version, and a track with no vocals either.   I was mesmorised by the little electronic click that swished from left to right and back again in stereo.

Then one year, he came to Perth.  We HAD to go.  It was over the top – MJ coming out of a rocket in a spacesuit.  But thinking back, I remember was that his concert was a bit of a letdown because even though we were seated on the floor right in front of the stage, security made sure no-one stood up at all.  It was a pop concert of major dance tracks… with no dancing allowed.  No fault of MJ – just stupid concert promoters.   But I remember thinking, “OMG!  Is that really MJ?  Is he here performing in Perth?  Wow!”

A few weeks ago, Rage had one of their video theme specials where the theme was like cool dance choreography clips.  “Bad” came on and I was so excited!

I yelled to the kids, “Hey kids! You gotta see this!  It’s Michael Jackson and there’s really cool dancing in this clip.”

They watched for a seconds over their cereal.  And then tuned out.

I watched the clip again… it was a bit 80s.  The clip IS a bit dated.  The dancing isn’t as fantastic as some other more modern ones.

Oh well, I continued to watch and tried to remember why I wanted to be a dancing gangster when I was 12.

May he rest in peace…  his immense collection of hit tunes will definitely live on for centuries..

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A bad dance

Have you had a bad dance?  You know, one of those ones that just don’t work.

At the DJ Battle on last weekend, I got knocked out early so took the opportunity have a few dances. 

And so the DJ put on a song, one I’ve never heard or danced to before.  The rhythm was a bit uncomfortable – it “sounded” slow, but it was not.   I think it was because it had more of a half time feel to it.

I asked a follow to dance – an advanced dancer.  Like many dances, I first like to get “in tune” with my follow – almost like “calibrating” myself to them, as every follow is different.  We did a few rocks to the music.

And then a few swingouts.

And then crap.

Nothing seemed to work at all!  Not that we didn’t “dance”.  But our dance forms and frame was totally not connecting. I wasn’t able to play and connect with the music and give us both room to improvise with each other and the music.  

And being the lead, it’s really all my fault.  Aargghhh!!!  I tried to get back to basics, but I was probably so frustrated by then, it just didn’t work.  Maybe I started thinking too hard…

We continued dancing to the end of the song, and I said a big “sorry” afterwards when leading her off the floor.  We’ve had better dances before, and I had some really good dances that night, but this particular combination of song, partner and my frame of mind and (bad :)) technique just didn’t gel this time.

I felt embarrassed.  I felt disappointed. 

How can I make sure this doesn’t happen again?