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Beatles Rockband Fever

Something I never anticipated 2 weeks ago..  that Miss 8 and Miss 10 would suddenly know and be singing Beatles songs all the time.. in the car, at home, even confessing that they had Beatles songs stuck in their heads at school!

Yep, we bought Beatles Rockband and have been having a blast!  I just love how the songs are accessible to the kids, unlike Guitar Hero Metallica 🙂    OK, there are some really trippy ones, but in general, Beatles songs are catchy, have a great feel and have easy to pick up “happy” melodies.  

The kids’ favourites now include Yellow Submarine, Do You Want To Know A Secret, Eight Days A Week, Here Comes the Sun and I Saw Her Standing There.  And since we finished the whole game on the weekend with the help of some hardcore friends (and got the Day Tripper achievement!), they now know a decent proportion of Beatles songs!

Who would’ve thought…