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Lack of bins in Singapore?

Singapore train station - clean but no bins

One thing that you may notice on a trip to Singapore is that it’s fairly clean.  On our recent trip, I was glad to not see any graffiti on walls, buses or trains and I didn’t notice much rubbish lying around on the streets.  Heavy fines and punishments are good deterrants.

But the irony is that there were a few times when I had some food wrappings that I wanted to get rid of before going on the MRT (underground train).. and each time, I just couldn’t find a bin!

There seems to be a major lack of rubbish bins in, at and near MRT stations.  Maybe it’s a security precaution, but it doesn’t seem to make much sense:

* You’re not allowed to eat or drink inside MRT stations or on the train
* You’ll get fined if you litter
* But they won’t provide bins for you to dispose of your litter/unwanted food/etc!

Tip of the day – be prepared to hold onto your rubbish…