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Active Perth bloggers

I have a confession.  I don’t really read other people’s blogs that much.   Sometimes just thinking about what I should blog about takes up enough time!

But last night I thought – there must be other bloggers in Perth.  I remember seeing some mention of a Perth bloggers meetup, but when I looked up the group in Facebook, it looked quite inactive.

Would bloggers want to meet up?

I think it would seem quite strange, meeting strangers, but knowing what they’ve been up to.

Anyway, I must have been bored last night, because I decided to try and find as many active Perth bloggers as I could.   And not surprisingly, in our little city of a ~1.6 million, there are quite a few blogs!

Here’s a list – by no ways definitive!  I’m sure there’s many other categories, but I’ve tried to list only those that are recently active.   If I’ve missed you out, and you update your blog regularly, let me know!


Abstract Gourmet – http://abstractgourmet.com/

Perth Food Reviews – http://www.perthfoodreviews.com/

The Food Pornographer – http://www.thefoodpornographer.com/

Millier’s Musings – http://alexmillier.com/

Coffee Reviews Perth – http://www.coffeeblogger.com.au/

Cafe Grendel – http://cafe-grendel.blogspot.com/

Breakfast in Perth – http://breakfastinperth.blogspot.com/

Our Breakfast Club – http://www.ourbreakfastclub.net/


Grippu – http://www.grippu.blogspot.com/

Beau Mitchell – http://beaumitchell.com/

Charlene Winfred – http://charlenewinfred.wordpress.com/

Christian Fletcher – http://christianfletcher.wordpress.com/

Harry and Tom – http://www.harryxtom.blogspot.com/

Jamie Paterson – http://jamiepatersonphotography.wordpress.com/

Kirk Hille – http://kirkhille.wordpress.com/

Martin Pot – http://martybugs.net/blog/blog.cgi

Neal Pritchard – http://spoolphotography.wordpress.com/


Perth Fashionista – http://www.perthfashionista.blogspot.com/

Style Discovery – http://www.stylediscovery.com.au/

The Fashion Catalyst – http://thefashioncatalyst.com/

Ginger Fox Vintage – http://www.gingerfoxvintage.com/

Dropstitch – http://www.dropstitch.com.au/

Nic and Clay – http://nicandclay.blogspot.com/

Autilia’s Blog – http://autilia.blogspot.com/

Gin in a Teacup – http://www.gininateacup.com/

Fall Victim to Fashion – http://fallvictimtofashion.com/

The Velvet Bow – http://www.thevelvetbow.net/

Karen Cheng’s Snippet of Life – http://www.karencheng.com.au/

Style Voyeur – http://www.stylevoyeur.com.au/

Misc Stuff / Personal

The Worst of Perth – http://theworstofperth.com/

The eccentric eclecticism’s of elise – http://esc77.wordpress.com/

Tea’s Stuff – http://tealou.com.au/

Rotto Bloggo – http://rottobloggo.blogspot.com/

Rodney Olsen – http://rodneyolsen.net/