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First WordPress post from my iPhone

Where do you write your blog posts? I always have written
my posts on a computer – my laptop at home and sometimes proofing
and finishing my posts off during my lunch break at work. But one
of the first apps I downloaded on my iPhone was the WordPress app
but I’ve never taken the time to blog from it. Having the ability
to blog on the go is great. However, for me, the slowness of text
entry on a mobile device is too painful for me. Ok for short
updates like Facebook or Twitter, but not a multi-paragraph post!
As for capturing ideas on the go? May come in handy but I’d rather
take a photo…

2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

Madison Square Garden can seat 20,000 people for a concert. This blog was viewed about 63,000 times in 2010. If it were a concert at Madison Square Garden, it would have performed about 3 times.

In 2010, there were 86 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 395 posts. There were 100 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 50mb. That’s about 2 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was January 2nd with 449 views. The most popular post that day was Problems with uploading photos to Facebook.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were googlemac.blogspot.com, songwright.co.uk, szkolymuzyczne.pl, google.com, and facebook.com.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for venice, vertorama, facebook photo upload failed, problems uploading photos to facebook, and facebook upload server not found.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Problems with uploading photos to Facebook August 2008
29 comments and 1 Like on WordPress.com,


Fairytale Violin Sheet Music May 2009


Repairing Guitar Hero World Tour red drum March 2009


Photography techniques – vertorama September 2008


Photos from Venice August 2008

A Post A Day in 2011!

I’m going to take this up.

A challenge put out there by WordPress to post to your blog EACH AND EVERY DAY!


Yep, I will try this this year.  Even on WEEKENDS!

I may cheat…  yep, I may go back and post on days I missed, or schedule some posts in advance…   but I will try my hardest to have a post for every day of the year.

I think the real challenge will be to make posts interesting.  After all, it’s no point having 365 days of posts of boring Facebook-like status updates right?

More here:  http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2010/12/30/challenge-for-2011-want-to-blog-more-often/

100,000 page views!

Yay!  A little big milestone for my blog. 

I know I’ve stopped updating it on a daily basis lately, and I reckon Google’s change in search strategy has resulted in less search referrals, but it’s something I enjoy updating – even for my own personal benefit!

To everyone who has visited – thank you – that I could share some of my thoughts with you, wherever you are on this planet, is truly amazing.   For my regular visitors, even bigger thanks and I hope that my little life stories help you escape from your own daily lives and take a peek at mine.

Not sure what other people’s stats look like over time, but here’s mine:

My top posts ever are:

Problems with uploading photos to Facebook – 19,277 views
Fairytale Violin Sheet Music – 15,976 views
Repairing Guitar Hero World Tour red drum – 10,931 views
Photography techniques – vertorama – 6,509 views
Home Page – 6,181 views

I know those top 4 are mostly from searches, but it’s good to see my Home Page getting a large number of views too.   I think it goes to show that to get a healthy number of views on your blog, you need a combination of both key “pillar” articles, as well as interesting short posts to keep visitors coming back.

Interestingly, recently the search terms referring to my blog are getting more accurate (thanks Google), but there’s always the occasional funny one like: “three gils on one guy”.

Here are my previous milestones:

First post on WordPress on 26 June 2008
10,000 Page Views on 3 December 2008
50,000 Page Views on 12 October 2009

The early internet

I enjoyed reading Karen Cheng‘s memories of her early experiences on the internet.  It brought back memories of the early days of the internet for me too. 

Let’s rewind back to the mid 90’s for me.

Picture this – I am an engineering student in my late teens/early 20s at Uni.  Not married, no kids, waking up at 12pm, sleeping at 3am. 

After a few years of BBS’s, I found that I could SLIP, then PPP using Winsock into the University network.   Yes, I could connect to the “internet” via my 28, 33 then 56kbps straw, but what did I do on it?

There was no Google. No Firefox. No blogs. No Dreamweaver or Flash. No Skype. No MSN. No Facebook. No MySpace.  No Blogger or WordPress.  No Flickr or SmugMug.   No personal digital cameras.

In fact, there were “hardly” any webpages or websites.  Websites were generally boring ugly text ones.  No-one really used the term blog or weblog.   A smattering of people had “home pages”.   This would be more like a CV or resume online and static information or links to interesting topics, but not much more.   If you did searches on the web, you most likely used Altavista or Yahoo.  Your browser would be Mozilla or Netscape, or even the text based lynx.

What I used the internet for back then was file transfers through FTP, FSP, gopher or IRC Direct Connect.  Posting and reading articles and getting files from news groups using the text based “nn” and uudecoding parts.  Talking to others using ytalk and IRC channels.  Playing MUD which for me mostly involved killing chickens. Over and over and over again.

Some of us created home pages, hand crafted in HTML.  No CSS.  The big thing back then to get more visitors to your home page was joining web rings.

I had various home pages that mostly promoted the music I created whilst I was at Uni, but also local Classical music and Club nights in Perth.   I remember playing around with different layouts and designs – trying to ensure that my home page was still accessible in “text” in lynx, as well as through graphical browsers.    One of my web designs even won an award from Global Web Builders! 

After I graduated, I created a home page on iiNet, and maintained something less like a home page and more “like” a blog.   I updated it once in a while with news or technology tidbits and to share photos and stories about the kids with other family members.  You can still see an early snapshot courtesy of the Internet Wayback Machine here:  http://web.archive.org/web/20010424165247/members.iinet.net.au/~jchong/.  

Looking at the earliest update dates on my iiNet blog, it was 20 May 1999 – 10 years ago!   Miss 10 was obviously a little baby back then…

But last night I did find some backups of my early home pages from the 95-96 era.  I am in the process of fixing broken images and links and will post some screen captures soon – they are quite lame!

50,000 page views!

50,000 Page Views

Whilst I was away up in Moore River for the weekend, it seems that my blog has rolled over 50,000 page views!

Thanks so much to everyone for reading my little life anecdotes and postings!  I know some days it seems pretty mundane and boring, but I hope that most of you, my readers, have found something interesting, informational or useful, and come back regularly.

I had reached 10,000 views in just over 5 months, and now 50,000 page views in just over 15 months.   Not a bad increase in page views!   I know it’s nowhere near power bloggers (like Karen Cheng – no stats, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets this many page views in a few days), but it’s better than single digits per day.     To all starting bloggers – I know how hard it is to start.  It can be disheartening to see only 0-5 readers per day, but keep at it and it will pick up.    For my records, my average daily page read is around 180 per day.

Although I’d love regularly subscribers and readers, it’s really only a handful of posts that have pulled numbers up so much.    My story of pain with uploading photos to Facebook has registered the most views, followed by my micro transcription of the Eurovision Fairytale violin part.   Third most read post was my fix for the Guitar Hero drumkit.    I just hope that a small fraction of these readers will come back again, and hopefully subscribe.

Thanks again!

1 week off blogging!

Last week I just didn’t end up updating my blog for 1 whole week!   *shock*

It sort of felt like a relief not having to write a little anecdote or story from my day.  But I also felt like I betrayed my diary by not updating it for the week!  Oh no!  In a few years will I look back at that week and wonder, “What did I get up to?”   Or maybe my personal goal of updating the blog every weekday is just too much.  I mean, I don’t want to dribble on about nothing.  Not like this post today 🙂

It really all started when I was too busy on Tuesday.  But then on Wednesday I started to come down with a cold, and then I eventually had Thursday and Friday off work to recover at home.  And that was it… no blog update for a whole week.

I did see my blog stats continue to ramp downwards all last week.  Is that the payback?  Or maybe it’s the natural attrition of my post of the Fairytale violin music. Hmmm….

10,000 views – thanks!

I didn’t realise – but I just hit over 10,000 page views on WordPress.com since setting up my blog here just over 5 months ago (around the end of June 2008).

Thanks to everyone who stumbled across my blog.  It’s sometimes pointless ramblings, but I’m glad that others have found my blog and some of my posts interesting.   And thanks to the few that submit comments.   I haven’t figured out how to get people to comment more, but some is better than none!

Funnily, analysing my statistics, I don’t get that many repeat readers/subscribers.  I think I have to work on this!   But looking at the search terms that come to my blog, the search term that got to my blog the most was “vertorama”.   Having a blog name like “One guy, three girls” means I do get some interesting search term references like “three girls one guy”, and others that I won’t go into here!

Otherwise, in terms of goals for this blog – it might be nice to get a significant jump in average visitors per day.  The blog has been hovering around 60-70 daily page views for ages.   How do those “power” bloggers do it?   Maybe I need to write more useful/funny/entertaining posts 🙂

Thanks again…

Low visit Friday!

I’m not sure why..  but my blog usually receives the least number of visitors on Fridays.  I wonder if anyone else sees this trend?

I wonder why?  Is it because my posts on Fridays are particularly bad and uninteresting?

Or maybe people don’t surf the web as much on Fridays because the weekend is coming up?

I know I shouldn’t, but I’m addicted to pulling up my blog stats page to see whether people are visitng my blog.  Sort of like checking in on your Tamagotchi.

But I then kick myself – I keep on asking myself – what is the core reason you’re blogging?  Is it to get lots of visitors?  No – it’s to share some stories and hobbies, keep a record of parts of my life online for future reference.   Sure, having more site visitors might make it more satisfying and rewarding, but it’s not the be all and end all.   You have to ask yourself – would you still blog if you received NO visitors at all… ever… ??   For example, people keep personal diaries, without ANYONE else ever reading them..  no visitors..  but they still do.  So, why can’t people keep online diaries (with varying degrees of personal/private stuff in there) without ANYONE else ever reading them.

But if you are interested in getting more visitors 🙂 here are two good posts I found.

Rob’s Megaphone has a post called “The best way to get visitors to return to your blog” which has 9 common sense but useful tips.

Teck-Line wrote a post titled “Top 6 ways to get your blog noticed fast on the interweb” that also has good solid and easy to apply suggestions.

Anyone else have bad blogging Fridays?