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1 week off blogging!

Last week I just didn’t end up updating my blog for 1 whole week!   *shock*

It sort of felt like a relief not having to write a little anecdote or story from my day.  But I also felt like I betrayed my diary by not updating it for the week!  Oh no!  In a few years will I look back at that week and wonder, “What did I get up to?”   Or maybe my personal goal of updating the blog every weekday is just too much.  I mean, I don’t want to dribble on about nothing.  Not like this post today 🙂

It really all started when I was too busy on Tuesday.  But then on Wednesday I started to come down with a cold, and then I eventually had Thursday and Friday off work to recover at home.  And that was it… no blog update for a whole week.

I did see my blog stats continue to ramp downwards all last week.  Is that the payback?  Or maybe it’s the natural attrition of my post of the Fairytale violin music. Hmmm….


10,000 views – thanks!

I didn’t realise – but I just hit over 10,000 page views on WordPress.com since setting up my blog here just over 5 months ago (around the end of June 2008).

Thanks to everyone who stumbled across my blog.  It’s sometimes pointless ramblings, but I’m glad that others have found my blog and some of my posts interesting.   And thanks to the few that submit comments.   I haven’t figured out how to get people to comment more, but some is better than none!

Funnily, analysing my statistics, I don’t get that many repeat readers/subscribers.  I think I have to work on this!   But looking at the search terms that come to my blog, the search term that got to my blog the most was “vertorama”.   Having a blog name like “One guy, three girls” means I do get some interesting search term references like “three girls one guy”, and others that I won’t go into here!

Otherwise, in terms of goals for this blog – it might be nice to get a significant jump in average visitors per day.  The blog has been hovering around 60-70 daily page views for ages.   How do those “power” bloggers do it?   Maybe I need to write more useful/funny/entertaining posts 🙂

Thanks again…

Low visit Friday!

I’m not sure why..  but my blog usually receives the least number of visitors on Fridays.  I wonder if anyone else sees this trend?

I wonder why?  Is it because my posts on Fridays are particularly bad and uninteresting?

Or maybe people don’t surf the web as much on Fridays because the weekend is coming up?

I know I shouldn’t, but I’m addicted to pulling up my blog stats page to see whether people are visitng my blog.  Sort of like checking in on your Tamagotchi.

But I then kick myself – I keep on asking myself – what is the core reason you’re blogging?  Is it to get lots of visitors?  No – it’s to share some stories and hobbies, keep a record of parts of my life online for future reference.   Sure, having more site visitors might make it more satisfying and rewarding, but it’s not the be all and end all.   You have to ask yourself – would you still blog if you received NO visitors at all… ever… ??   For example, people keep personal diaries, without ANYONE else ever reading them..  no visitors..  but they still do.  So, why can’t people keep online diaries (with varying degrees of personal/private stuff in there) without ANYONE else ever reading them.

But if you are interested in getting more visitors 🙂 here are two good posts I found.

Rob’s Megaphone has a post called “The best way to get visitors to return to your blog” which has 9 common sense but useful tips.

Teck-Line wrote a post titled “Top 6 ways to get your blog noticed fast on the interweb” that also has good solid and easy to apply suggestions.

Anyone else have bad blogging Fridays?

How to publish a travel blog?

The Pantheon in Rome
The Pantheon in Rome

I have a dilemna.  I did some travelling this year and last.  And I kept a travel diary of where we went, things we saw, things not to miss, things to watch out for. Along with thousands of photos 🙂

But I didn’t blog it.  And I want to blog the highlights now.

Should I just enter them as posts and backdate them to the date I experienced/wrote it?

Or should I just enter them as posts and publish them as new entries dated today or the date I upload them?