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Buffer Overflow on Sony Handycam!

On the weekend, I was assigned to video’ing duties at a friend’s wedding.  No problems – I’ve got a Sony HDR-SR7 High Definition handycam.   I have the amateur gear to capture the pixels.

So, the ceremony happened, signing, photos, speeches and LOTS of food!

With typical Chinese weddings, there was a table by table Yum Seng which was really fun.  I love seeing the expressions on family and friends, who are normally or seemingly conservative, but at the Yum Seng, shout their hearts out.   It came to our table’s Yum Seng.   We were determined to be the loudest – and then…   a Blue Screen of Death on the handycam appeared with the words “Buffer Overflow”…  AAARRGHGHHH!!!   Had I just lost the entire Yum Seng footage?   No wayyyyyy!!

Next, “Recovering Data”, and then “Data Lost”.  NOOOO!!!    I quickly restarted the handycam, pressed the Record button again to keep going.    We all ended up doing a entire combined Yum Seng.   This was awesome – EVERY table on their feet, yelling Yum Seng at the top of their voices.   And then it happened again, “Buffer Overflow”.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.    If I had the time, I would’ve taken a photo and tweeted, but no…   had to get the handycam back recording again.

It left a bad sick feeling in my stomach for the rest of the evening.  I couldn’t wait to get home and analyse the videos on the camera to see if I really had lost the footage.

Got home, started the Handycam Utility, downloaded all the video.

And the Yum Seng footage was there!   *sigh of relief* except for the parts when I got the Blue Screen of Death.   But that was only 2 small parts.   I was soooo relieved.   I’d never had a problem with recording before and have recorded hours and long stretches at once.

A quick Google search shows that it’s probably related to the volume of sound.   Which lines up to my experiences.  Our own table’s Yum Seng when I was shouting away, and also the full room Yum Seng.

I haven’t tried yet, but you can probably reproduce it by shouting/screaming into the handycam.   So, tip for the day – watch out if you’re recording really loud sounds.   But don’t worry – you won’t lose any previous footage you’ve video’d.

Buffer Overflow Error – http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/archive/index.php/t-888712.html

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