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Miss 11 on camp

Last week, Miss 11 was on a school camp for 3 nights.  She arrived back on Friday – pretty tired from early starts and late nights chatting to friends.

Even though she’s not the “noisy” one in our family, the house definitely felt empty and our family missing a piece…

Empty bed
Lonely lunchbox
Expired todo list

First School Camp

My little Miss 10 goes on her first school camp next week!

Little?   Well maybe not so little.

As per usual, the teacher has asked if any parents would be interested in going on camp to help.

Of course!  I’d love to!

But you know what?  Miss 10 doesn’t quite think the same way.   Nor does Wifey!

No…  you don’t want to have your “Dad” at your first school camp (and last for Primary School).  That would be wayyyyyy so daggggy!   And it’s her time to shine and take another step at independence, so it’s best that I’m not there.


At least I know Miss 9 is still extremely excited about having me around in public.

I asked her the other day if she wanted me to come up to her classroom to see her new seating position and she beamed a huge smile and gleefully said “Yes!”.  When I peeked in, she saw me and did her cute little wave at me and then came to give me a kiss.  I’ll cherish this as long as I can!