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Becoming Spiderman

It was my nephew’s 4th birthday this week! 

So on the weekend, we made a trip into Toys’R’Us to try and find a present.

Being a father to daughters only for 11 odd years, I have been brainwashed into “girl” toys – you know, Barbie, Bratz, dolls, cutesy stuff that is pink in colour, crafty things, diaries and stationery, bags, earrings, headbands, etc. 

But walking into the store with my mind on boy toys – ALRIGHT!  I could buy something like cars, scalectrix kits, remote control cars, boy lego, figurines, fake weapons and more.  Ahh, the stuff I missed from my fatherhood 🙂 

We ended up buying something I could not resist – a SPIDERMAN outfit! 


When he had it on, I could literally FEEL the testosterone radiating from him. 

There must have been something magical about the outfit because as soon as he put it on, he was immediately posing, hands on hips – admiring his unbelievably huge muscles. 

Ahh.. boys…

Jedi Party

Our 7yo was invited to a Jedi party last weekend. Having 2 girls, we panicked when our daughter wanted to dress up for it. We just don’t have any Star Wars dress up clothes or lightsabers in the house at all!

Luckily someone suggested to use a karate outfit, so with a bit of googling, brown dance pants, black boots, a karate outfit and one of my Wifey’s brown belts, she looked quite good!   As for the lightsaber, I found articles on the web on how to construct your own out of all sorts of things like reticulation popup heads and stuff.   With only 30 minutes to prepare, luckily we had an old wooden sword lying around, so we wrapped that up with wrapping paper. Only later did I realise we had dressed her as one of the “goodies” but given her a red lightsaber which is for the “baddies”!!!

It was funny to hear stories from other parents on dressing their kids. It seemed that the boys in the class were very particular about clothing and era, choosing specific parts from the movies. It seemed that the New Trilogy was the flavour of the day with Anakin from the end of Episode 3 being a favourite with the boys.

Jedi Outfit
Jedi Outfit

Scary ghost

Scary ghost
Scary ghost

Our 9yo was invited to a “scary” birthday party the other week.  We asked her what she’d like to dress up as and she suggested a ghost!

OK, simple – a white bed sheet..  but also, a problem from a logistics point of view – did we have a white bed sheet that we were willing to cut holes in??   Luckily my parents had a spare sheet that we could donate to the “dressing up” box.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t convince my daughter or wife to remove the witch’s hat.   I asked, “have you ever seen a ghost wear a witch’s hat?”   Well…  a rhetorical question since we’ve never seen a ghost or a witch.    Is it a ghost of a witch or a ghost that is trying to be a witch?  🙂