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New yellow Guitar Hero cymbal

New yellow cymbal


This is the easiest way to get a working Guitar Hero cymbal – buy one!!!

My yellow cymbal was faulty and I tried to fix it, but couldn’t.  I’m not sure why – maybe I killed the sensor in the process.  So I did some searching and found an eBay stsore, Thumbmonkey, that sold various game bits and pieces – and they sold individual Guitar Hero cymbals too!

They’re based in the US so it took some time to get to Australia (ordered on the 16th Sep, arrived today 7th Oct).  Looking at the cymbal, it’s in great condition, the yellow ring a little bit dirty.  Does it work?  I’ll have to go home and see.   For me, the cymbal cost US$11.99 + US$17.64 shipping to Australia = US$29.63.  At today’s exchange rate, that’s $33.39 AUD.  Cheaper than buying a whole new drumkit (if that’s possible).

So, if you’re really stuck, cymbal doesn’t work, you’re out of warranty, and the methods that people have posted on the web don’t work, then just buy one…

Thumbmonkey Video Games – http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Thumbmonkey-Video-Games__W0QQ_armrsZ1


Guitar Hero Yellow Cymbal broken

Disassembling the yellow cymbal

That’s it..  My yellow cymbal is forever broken.

I noticed the other day that hits weren’t registering very well.  When playing, Miss 8 said, “Dad, I have to hit it REALLLLLY hard to get it to work!”

So I experimented and found that if I hit the cymbal in a particular direction (along the edge), then it would register as a hit more reliably.  Maybe 40% of the time.   But if I hit it straight on, then it didn’t register at all.

So, I plugged in the MIDI cable to my M-Audio Firewire 410, brought up the Drum Tuning kit and changed the sensitivity – but to no success.

I then unscrewed the cymbal, and did the sticky tape, and then the piece of cardboard trick.  No success.

I tried tapping on the piezo electric sensor itself.  No success.

I resoldered the wires.  No success.

I replaced the wires with new ones from Dick Smith and soldered them straight onto the jack connector thingy on the PCB board.   No success.

If I swap the good cymbal (the orange one) to the left hand side, it works – so I know it’s not the actual drum frame or jack at all.

So, I’m now really thinking that the actual piezo sensor is stuffed.  That’s the round thing that the wires are soldered onto.  From my research, it seems that it’s just some sensor that transmits a signal when it detects vibration (due to something inside it squashing up minutely with each vibration).  If I could buy a new one of those, then I think I could fix the cymbal.  But where do you get one?  I might try Jaycar in Perth, but I doubt you can buy single ones of the internet.  You probably have to buy in bulk.

I decided to turn to eBay.  Surprisingly, there are eBay sellers that sell single working cymbals for the Guitar Hero drumkit!  Problem solved!

I’m now just waiting for mine to turn up from the US which should take about 10 working days.

In the mean time, I’ve just swapped the orange with the yellow, and am playing Rockband instead, since it doesn’t need the 5th drum!

[Update 7/Oct/09]

My new yellow cymbal has arrived!   Read more here:  https://jasechong.wordpress.com/2009/10/07/new-yellow-guitar-hero-cymbal/