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Dinner party – MasterChef style

A few weeks ago, we gathered together with friends for a dinner party.

One of the highlights for the ladies and kids was trying to make Adriana Zumbo’s macaron tower. Unfortunately there were difficulties trying to assemble it, so we just had single macaron’s instead!

Soup for entree
Chef at work
Trying to make Adriano Zumbo's Macaron cake
Putting together the Macarons

Wifey’s Surprise Birthday Dinner

The past weekend was one full of eating!!

On Friday night, Wifey and I were invited to a department end of year dinner for her school.   Each year they prepare a very delicious 3 course meal and this year it was no exception.  We managed to roll home with no problems 😉

On Saturday night, I had organised a surprise Birthday dinner for Wifey!  All planned secretly through emails, the biggest problem was making sure Wifey didn’t accidentally read any of the emails for the last 2 weeks!  Having separate email accounts and home laptops does help though.. 

So on Saturday night, we got in the car and I started driving.  Wifey thought we were going for a romantic dinner for two at a fine dining restaurant 🙂

I took various turns, stopped to find carparks by various restaurants along the way, until we got to the Leederville car park.  Got out, then we nearly popped into Jus Burgers (which looked pretty full and happening) until I suggested we cross the road.  Towards Cinnamon Club, a restaurant she has been wanting to bring me to for ages!

The classic part was when we walked in.  She spied one of our friends at a table and asked me, “Look, xxx is here!?!”, at which point, she saw more of our friends on the same table, and then the realisation hit.

Thanks everyone for coming along!  I just figured out that ALL of us (all 8 couples) needed to organise babysitting for our combined 16 young children that night!  But it was good fun to get out and meet without the kids for a change…   I’ll have to organise this again another time!

Classic snags:
* Originally organised for the previous weekend, but we had a great offer to go up to Moore River for the weekend that we couldn’t refuse.  Which meant I had to tell everyone we had to delay the dinner for a week!
* Wifey wondering if it was OK not to invite my sister and brother-in-law to the family Birthday dinner the previous week.   Secretly, I knew it would be OK because I knew they’d be coming to the surprise dinner, but it was hard convincing Wifey otherwise 🙂
* Wondering if Wifey would be disappointed because I think she thought we were going to have a degustation dinner at Star Anise for the 2 of us!  Oops!  Next time…

By the way, the dinner there was great!  Lots of good quality food, good sized serves, reasonably priced, excellent attentive service (waiters/floor manager came by several times during the night asking if we have enough food, etc).  It’s also well located with bars/cafes nearby.  The price of wine there is high though, so definitely recommend BYO.