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Happy Birthday Django!

Dear Django,

Happy Birthday!  It was your second birthday today.

You started the day by waking up in T’s bed.   You were all sprawled out and totally floppy, wrapped in the warm quilt.   The kids woke up and you did your usual morning stretches, first back legs, then front.

Mum served you your favourite and usual breakfast of 2 spoons of yoghurt with half a cup of dry dog biscuits.  As usual, you swallowed it up full.  T made you a cute Birthday card and she presented it to you this morning.  She hugged you tight with all her love whilst she read the card to you.    You love cuddles from the kids and T loves giving them to you!

A Birthday Card for Django
A Birthday Card for Django

Soon it was time for us to go to school and work.  As a special treat this morning, I gave you half a Lix Baked Bone as a reward for your birthday and for going out the back door when I called you.  You have been so good at it lately!  You come when I call, you sit when I ask you to sit, and then you drop when I ask you to drop…  I might try to trick you tomorrow by not having the treat 🙂

I think you spent the rest of the day lazing on the back verandah, guarding our home, awaiting the return of those big creatures that give you food.

Django's Cupcake
Django's Cupcake

This evening we celebrated your birthday with a little blueberry cupcake with a sparkler on top.  A warm rendition of Happy Birthday was sung and then as a special special treat, we let you eat the cupcake on the kitchen bench!  You loved it!

I hope you had a great doggy birthday today!  No walk today, but we’ll get you out on the weekend 🙂  May you continue to bring the family much joy and love.

Family love
Family love

Puppy School!

Puppy School!  Wow haven’t been to one of these before.  We brought our mini schnauzer, Django, to his first puppy school on Wednesday.  Actually, the whole family went.  We heard that it’s really training for the owners, not the dog, so it was important that we all went, including the kids.

To make things more busy, we organised Django to have his 12 week immunisation shot just before class too.

Anyways, it was all good.  It’s so awkward how these things start, introducing yourself and your dog, etc.  There must be a better way 🙂  Django was really good throughout, not terrorising other dogs, but still being confident.

Well, looking forward to the next one.  Only problem is that it clashes with lindyhop dancing class 😦 *sigh*