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Devastation in Japan

Like most of the world, I spent a lot of time on the weekend just shocked at the amount of damage done and the number of lives lost in Japan.    My thoughts and prayers are with all affected.

I seriously can’t fathom how they will rebuild the many towns lost.   It just seems like too large a challenge.   Surely there must be a number of small communities or small towns that no-one has accounted for yet?  *sigh* 

And then my heart sank even further when I heard that after the earthquake, then the tsunami, that there are problems with their nuclear reactors too!  What else can go wrong at once!   Why did they build nuclear reactors on land where there would be a high percentage of earthquakes?

And why is 2011 starting so badly?  The cyclones in Australia, bushfires in Perth, flooding and cyclones in Queensland, earthquake in Christchurch and now this.  

And to add to the bad timing or coincidence – last night, Wifey and I just watched the West Wing Season 7 episode last night where the San Andreo nuclear plant nearly had a meltdown.

Today I stumbled across this blog post by Dr J Oehman, a research scientist at MIT, describing the nuclear reactor situation in the most clear way I have read yet.    It’s definitely worth a read.

Donations can be made here:

Save The Children: http://www.savethechildren.org.au/what-we-do/emergencies/japan-earthquake

Red Cross: https://www.redcross.org.au/Donations/onlineDonations.asp


Online resources for NZ quake info

I can’t stop thinking about the destruction and loss of life in Christchurch due to the large earthquake yesterday.

Is it just me, or has 2011 seemed to have started with an unusually large number of natural disasters?   Cyclones and flooding in Queensland, cyclones up in the North West of WA, flooding in the Eastern States, large storms in rural WA, bush fires in Perth, and now major earthquake damage in our neighbour New Zealand.    The loss of life and injuries, the impact on people’s lives, families, work and income is terrible and saddening.   However, all these events are making me appreciate how precious life is and how insignificant we, as a “species” inhabiting this planet, are. 

The surreal images, personal stories and news footage coming from New Zealand is sad and scary.   My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected and to all those in the search and rescue efforts.  

Initially I had thought there was just one major earthquake/aftershock from the big one last year, but no…   that area of New Zealand is currently experiencing an extremely large number of aftershocks. 

Here are some internet sites that help put the seriousness and instability of the land in more perspective:

Christchurch Quake Map – lets you play back all the recent quakes for a specified day and plotted out on a map in accelerated time.  

QuakeMap NZ – plots out all the latest quakes statically on a Google map.   Yep, there’s a stack of them all centered around Christchurch.  

GeoNet – has a list of the latest quakes

And Google has a Christchurch Earthquake Crisis Response page that lets you find missing friends/relatives, keep up to date with the latest information and has emergency numbers.   Good if you have internet connection, but for those in Christchurch with no power, water and congested mobile networks, not so good.